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Specialist - Multi-Circuit Overview

Running multiple circuits from the corporate Firewall not only increases aggregate bandwidth but it also provides traffic separation and resilience.

Critical applications are no longer slowed by less important traffic and additional bandwidth can be added in low cost increments.

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Speed & cost are dependant on the number and type of circuits deployed

Services split across multiple low cost circuits
Services split across multiple low cost circuits

An alternative to upgrading your primary circuit every few years is to simply add more circuits. This has the benefit of low cost increments as well as introducing resilience. With a capable Firewall it is possible to direct the traffic over the specific circuit that is most suited. It is not uncommon to have circuits dedicated to a single task such as SIP Trunks (symmetrical) or remote access (optimised for upload).

You do of course need a suitable Firewall and the wiring can end up looking like spaghetti. .