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ASymmetric - FTTP (Fibre to the premises) Overview

The ultimate broadband technology but with very limited availability. Speeds up to 330Mb using a technology capable of gigabit speeds holds fantastic promise for the future.

Distance from the exchange or BT street cabinet no longer matters.

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FTTP - The ultimate broadband but available to few
The ultimate broadband but available to few

FTTP and it’s cousins FTTH and FTTB is still in it’s infancy in the UK. BT’s initial target was to enable 35 exchanges by the end of 2012 but difficulties identified during the Milton Keynes trial HY1’2010 mean they are unlikely to meet this modest goal. The more ambitious goal of 25% national coverage by the end of 2015 seems even more unreachable.

FTTP uses fibre all of the way from the exchange to your premises. With fibre there is no loss of speed over distance so the location of your premises in relation to the exchange ceases to matter. It is also worth noting that the exchange and street cabinets must also be enabled for FTTC in order to deliver FTTP.

With a down channel speed close to 100Mb and an up channel of 30Mb (15Mb during the trial phase) there is ample bandwidth for most businesses to run their full gamut of services.

Although the FTTP infrastructure is owned exclusively by BT Wholesale it will be available though all of their leading retail and aggregation partners, not just BT Retail under their Infinity brand. However, this will not take place until 2012 as the first production exchanges come online. On brownfield sites it can take 1-2 engineer man days to blow the fibre all of the way to your premises and connect it all up.

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