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ASymmetric - ADSL Overview

Ubiquitous, low cost, broadband technology that offers blisteringly fast downloads with modest upload speeds. But crucially ADSL degrades over distance so the further your business is from the BT exchange the slower ADSL will run.

ADSL2+ Annex M is the one to go for.

Guide Figures
Down Speedt
Up Speed
Max Cost
£55 p.m.
Typical Cost
£35 p.m.
Speed degrades with distance from exchange
Speed degrades with distance from exchange

ADSL runs over normal PSTN copper telephone wiring (provisioned separately) and can share the circuit with a telephone or fax machine. All copper based services degrade with distance so the longer the wire from the exchange the slower ADSL will run. It is common for the actual line speed to be only a fraction of the advertised headline speed.

There are various flavours of ADSL in the market but the best for business is ADSL2+ Annex M. This has a download speed <24Mb with an upload speed <2.5Mb. The technology is fairly new so there is a good chance you can trade-up from ADSL Max <8Mb to gain the extra speed. If that still isn’t enough speed the next step up is Bonding.

The asymmetric nature of ADSL with download running up to 10 times faster than upload makes it great for Web surfing and OK for email. However, it is not so good when you need outbound bandwidth for VPN, remote access, Intranets or cloud based services including SaaS, online backup and SIP Trunks.

LineBroker will search out the best technology at your exchange and provide both speed estimates and costs.