Finding the perfect data connection to meet the demands of your business


Both Technology and Reseller partnerships are key to our business.

Technology Partners

LineBroker aims to have back-end relationships with all of the national Next Generation Networks (NGN) and LLU providers as well as BT. This is achieved through a combination of direct relationships and through trade-only network aggregators who themselves have relationships with multiple players.

The market landscape is in a constant state of flux with new technology rollouts every few weeks and a fair bit of mergers and acquisitions activity. LineBroker strives to stay ahead of the curve but always welcomes approaches from new and innovative players.

Reseller Partners

If your customers are crying out for newer, faster, better value technologies and this is taking you outside your comfort zone, why not partner with LineBroker. We do all of the work and you retain the satisfied customers. Well, you know what the Meerkat would say!