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Symmetric - Fibre Ethernet Leased Line Overview

Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines are the ultimate destination for most businesses.

They offer reliable symmetric bandwidth just about anywhere in the UK at speeds from 2Mb to 1Gig.

Prices are still falling significantly year on year making this more affordable than ever.

Guide Figures
Down Speed
Up Speed
Typical Cost
£5-25k p.a.
Fibre Ethernet. Any speed, anywhere
Any speed, anywhere

Fibre Ethernet represents the ultimate Internet connectivity. It is available to 98% of UK businesses at a variety of speeds and price points.

The speed you order is the speed you get; there is no degradation over distance with Fibre. The variable is price. If you are in a rural “off net” location you could be paying up to 5 times that of an urban “on net” business for the same service.

There is intense competition in the market and this is driving down prices year on year.

As an incentive, many service providers are offering free installation (worth several thousand pounds) if you sign up for a 3 year contract. You must weigh this saving against the flexibility to switch providers and get on a lower tariff in a falling market. 3 years should be considered the maximum period between reviews.