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Specialist - Multi-Circuit Technology

A simple and pragmatic alternative to circuit upgrades is to use multiple Internet connections for different applications. Thus we might use:

  • ADSL2+ Annex M for remote access where the up channel speed is of paramount importance
  • ADSL Max Premium for email because this is not time critical
  • ADSL2+ Annex A for Web browsing and general Internet access where the down channel speed is most important

Or if its available, the use of FTTC circuits would allow significant higher transmission speeds.

This functional separation means dedicated bandwidth is available for each application and ensures that traffic spikes in one application have zero impact on the others. Your Firewall must of course be able to support multiple untrusted (Internet facing) Ethernet interfaces, each of which would be connected to a DSL Router. The circuits can be sourced from different ISP’s and, if your Firewall has the capability, automatic link failover can be implemented, thus delivering a highly resilient system.

Directing inbound services over specific circuits is normally done through DNS or client software.

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