Finding the perfect data connection to meet the demands of your business

LineBroker the Company

Welcome to LineBroker, a new concept in Internet circuit provisioning.

LineBroker works for you to provide guidance and advice on the best technology to meet your business requirement. We then get competitive quotes on your behalf and present the best ones to you. If you like what you see then order though LineBroker and we will take responsibility for the whole provisioning and billing process and provide ongoing support.

LineBroker has access to all of the available technologies in the UK from all of the national players. This includes all Next Generation Networks (NGN), LLU providers with their equipment in BT exchanges and trade-only network aggregators.

LineBroker is the trading name of the circuits business of X.Communications Limited.

X.COMM is a well established systems integrator specialising in secure remote access, network boundary security and Web/Email filtering. Internet connectivity has been a growing part of the X.COMM business for many years and has now been focussed under the LineBroker brand.

When supplying remote access systems the first question X.COMM had to ask was on Internet connectivity. Was the existing circuit suitable and was there sufficient capacity to accommodate remote workers. Specifically X.COMM looked at the up-channel capacity as the bulk of the data in a remote access system is flowing out from the data centre towards the user. ADSL is the exact opposite of what is required here. It has a faster down-channel with a very modest up-channel so is hardly ever suitable for a head-end system.

Over the years X.COMM has provisioned just about all of the available technologies and now continues to do so through the LineBroker brand. All businesses need good Internet connectivity and the topic should be visited every 2-3 years as contracts run their course and newer, faster, better value technologies become available.

The management team at X.COMM/LineBroker has over 4 decades IT experience most of which has been in the data communications & data security industry. By using our services you can tap into that wealth of knowledge.