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Multi-site - MPLS Overview

The optimum way to connect multiple locations is over an MPLS private cloud.

MPLS supersedes older technologies like point-to-point leased lines and IPSec site-to-site VPN’s and brings everything under central control.

Guide Figures
Down Speed
Up Speed
Typical Cost
£10+K p.a.
Network without MPLS
Network without MPLS
Network with MPLS
Network with MPLS

MPLS aka PWAN is ideal for linking high numbers of sites on a private network. This is usually configured as hub & spoke with the hub at your data centre but it can be configured as a mesh network. At no point does the traffic traverse the Internet although it is possible to breakout at an Internet Gateway if this is a requirement.

A typical configuration would be for 5 or more sites with an Ethernet circuit at the central site and DSL tails into the remote locations. This can include staff working from home. The overall network will be designed to meet your current and future business needs and can include QOS to prioritise traffic such as VOIP.