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ASymmetric - FTTP (fibre to the premises) Technology

FTTP aka FTTH is the holy grail of broadband services offering 100Mb or even Gigabit speeds. However, the cost of national FTTP has been estimated at a whopping £29 Billion so isn’t going to arrive any time soon (FTTC costs only a fraction of this and represents a more realistic mid term target). BT is talking about a 75:25 split in favour of FTTC by 2015 which seems optimistic and will inevitably focus the better service on high density areas. At the start of 2011 there are a number of pilot projects in operation and a handful of committed rollouts.

The network is a Passive Optical Network (PON) using unpowered 32-way splitters connecting on to 12-way manifolds supporting a group of properties. Initially there are no more than 6 premises connected to a manifold.