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Cymru Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme

If you are upgrading your business connection to a 100Mb or faster Internet Leased Line then you may be eligible for the Cymru Ultrafast Connectivity Voucher Scheme.

The scheme provides up to £10,000 to fund (or part-fund) the installation costs of new 100Mb or faster Internet leased lines in Wales. It does not include monthly rental costs. The 1st £3,000 of eligible costs are 100% funded by Welsh Government, between £3,000 and £17,000 is 50% funded, and above £17,000 no additional funding is provided.

Are you eligible to apply?

  • The business must be located in Wales.
  • There are no restrictions on the size of business that can apply.
  • Over the last fiscal years each business applying must not have received public financial support exceeding the de minimis ceilings for the sector in which the business operates.
  • Funding will only be awarded to support businesses to access suitable ultrafast connectivity and can only be used for the purposes of capital expenditure attributed to the installation of the leased line.
  • The ultrafast service received by the applicant through this scheme cannot be used for re-selling broadband connections.
  • Applicants must confirm that the premises cannot achieve a broadband connection of 100mbps download speeds and 30mbps upload speeds.

The qualifying connection

  • This must be a new Internet leased line running at aminimum of 100Mb
  • Specifically (speed/bearer) 100/100Mb, 100/Gig, 200/Gig, 300/Gig, 500/Gig or Gig/Gig
  • The service must be contracted for a minimum of 24 months
  • There are no restrictions on the service you are upgrading from

Eligible costs

  • Installation Fees
  • Excess Constructions Charges revealed by the site survey
Note circuit rental fees are excluded.


The maximum level of funding support per application provided will be £10,000. The grant will be calculated as follows, based on the eligible costs:
  • First £3,000 - 100% funded by the Welsh Government
  • Between £3,000-£17,000 - 50% funded by the Welsh Government
  • Above £17,000 - no additional funding provided
Note that all claims for funding will be paid net of VAT.

Detailed Terms and Conditions

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